THE SIXTH FAMILY with Adrian Humphreys

“It is essential reading, not only in the context of the looming (Vito) Rizzuto murder trial, but for anyone concerned about the intrusion of traditional organized crime into every facet of our society."

The Sixth Family reveals the hidden history of the rise of the Rizzuto clan, the alliances it forged around the world and the bloody events that led to charges against Vito Rizzuto in the United States and Italy for racketeering and corruption. As police in the United States, Italy and Canada notions about the nature of authority within the Mafia were called into question. Who was this so-called "John Gotti of Canada"? How did he become one of the biggest names in global crime?

Picking up where the best-selling hardcover edition of The Sixth Family left of, Lee Lamothe and Adrian Humphreys expand the story to tell of Rizzuto's aggressive but losing battle to thwart American justice and present in-depth coverage of Rizzuto's New York trial. In the wake of Rizzuto's extradition, police in Quebec carried out Project Colisee, a sensational sweep of the underworld that netted 80 suspected members of the Sixth Family's criminal and financial network in an effort to declaw the Mafia.

Is Rizzuto's near-perfect Mafia coming to an end? Or is the underworld legend simply too powerful to fall?

"A Machiavellian mystery tour of the mob underworld. Essential reading... for anyone concerned about the intrusion of traditional organized crime into every facet of our society."
—The Globe and Mail

"With a reporter's eye for details and a novelist's gift for storytelling, the two authors lay bare the Rizzuto family's inner workings and international connections."
—The Record (Kitchener)



In this ground-breaking book, Antonio Nicaso, an internationally renowned expert on organized crime groups, and Lee Lamothe, a veteran investigative journalist specializing in criminal conspiracies, present solid evidence of how established organized crime groups — such as the Mafia and the Triads — have changed their tactics and allegiances to protect their interests against the rise of violent and power-hungry gangs from Albania, Mexico, and Russia.

Angels, Mobsters, & Narco-Terrorists reveals how, due to their shared border, the USA and Canada have become prime targets for criminal groups that engage in money laundering and prostitution rings, and trafficking in human cargo, narcotics, and arms. On the international scene, state-sanctioned crime is thriving on heroin profits and cyber crime is emerging as a very lucrative and baffling activity to investigate and shut down.

Dive inside the world of organized crime and discover how far it has penetrated our lives.

“Lamothe and Nicaso have once again set the standard … This illuminating sequel helps cement their reputation as Canada’s top experts on organized crime in this country and beyond.” -- Stephen Schneider, St. Mary’s University


BLOODLINES with Antonio Nicaso

This is a fascinating account of a family who created a Mafia of their own, a Mafia dedicated to sophisticated money-laundering schemes that grew their fortune to $500 million. With comprehensive access to police wire-taps, surveillance reports and photographs, combined with interviews with underworld sources and crime experts, the authors expose how countries and politicians underestimated the family’s power, and show how Canada has become the money-laundering capital of the world and a haven for organized crime. In a gripping finale, Bloodlines takes us to the well-off suburb of Woodbridge, Ontario, where Canadian police were able to do what no other law enforcement agency could — arrest Alfonso Caruana on cocaine conspiracy charges.

Antonio Nicaso and Lee Lamothe have worked with more than 120,000 documents, audio and video tapes, and conducted several dozen interviews with both law enforcement and underworld players. An intelligent and unputdownable true crime read, Bloodlines takes the genre to a new level of intrigue and depth.

"In this flawlessly researched, superbly written account,Lee Lamothe and Antonio Nicaso have rendered a public service that will not easily be duplicated … In a class of its own, one of the absolute best." -- The Globe and Mail


GLOBAL MAFIA with Antonio Nicaso

"Nicaso and Lamothe, long-time crime writer-researchers, reveal the Insidious nature of global lawbreaking, in this hard-hitting expose …" -- Ottawa Citizen


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